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"Play is the highest form of research."
-Albert Einstein
Play. Learn. Grow


We understand the importance of education, playtime, and social interaction for kids. Hour Little Playhouse offers a variety of kid friendly indoor and outdoor toys, books, and educational games for all ages.  

Our curriculum encompasses theme based activities catering to the needs of each child's development. 

Our Curriculum Resources

Our playful activities focus on early-learning essentials like vocabulary, social development, movement, and language.  

Our Curriculum Explores
Preschool and Pre-K Thematic Units
Led by our teachers, students explore a new seasonal or social development theme like fire safety, weather, or manners. 
Grow big vocabularies with key words such as camouflage and tradition.

Social Development
Discussion questions cover core social-development areas for young children, such as being kind and sharing.
Fingerplays, sign language, and other kinetic learning activities help wiggly kids learn. 
Rhyming songs and poems build phonological awareness.
ABC's and Numbering
Make early-childhood learning fun with simple activities that teach letter recognition, counting, patterns, and shapes.

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