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​Sick Policy


Out of concern for all children and families, we request that no child with a fever (or one with a fever in the last 24 hours) enter our playhouse. If a child becomes ill at the playhouse, a parent will be contacted immediately for pick up.


Children ages 6 weeks-3 years of age are required to have adequate diapers, wipes, ointments, underclothes, and a change of clothes in case of accidents. We will change diapers every hour during your child's visit and will provide changing times to parents upon pick up. We provide two different toilet options for those transitioning out of diapers and pull-ups. Potty trainers will be encouraged to visit the bathroom every hour during their stay with us.  Please remember that potty training accidents are more likely to occur outside of the home and in new environments, so it is not unusual for a potty trainer to have an accident or two during their first visit(s) with us.



As parents ourselves, we understand that situations will arise and that children develop behavioral skills at different phases of their lives. We will work to re-direct children if an inappropriate behavior is shown and will report any issues to parents accordingly. 

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